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Services Provided

RK Technical Support Services provides a broad range of services from physical infrastructure and hardware installation to virtual offerings like cloud based services, from human support services like end user training to academic efforts like documentation and consulting services. Consider the services offerings in the list below to understand how well RKtech is suited to serving your IT support needs.

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Business / technology integration services

Consulting and recommendation on technology solutions

• We keep up with new technologies so you don’t need to. We’re exposed to the technologies that work well to serve many small businesses. This enables us to provide valuable advice on the hardware, software and methods that can serve your business. Further, we can either integrate your existing systems with new technologies or we can implement new technologies to supplement or replace your existing systems. Ask us how.
• On-site technical support
• Remote technical support

Data access control recommendation and configuration

• You should have the control to grant or deny permission to access data on your systems. We can inventory who has access to what data and can help you control that access.

Hosted Offsite Backups

• A backup has little value – the value is in the “restore.” Having disks and tapes that may or may not be full of data is of little value until or unless you can use that data to recover lost or damaged data. Many companies offer software and appliances to back up your data locally and to remote locations. RKtech stands out from those because we routinely, every month, test your backups to confirm they’re working.
• RKtech manages your backups, testing them and ensuring that they work nightly. We start with a full onsite backup using our remote software which takes only as long as a typical backup takes. After that we continuously do incremental offsite backups. This protects you from even a full system failure. Individual file recovery can usually be handled in minutes. For the recovery of large amounts of data we will bring your backup drive to your network to hasten the process.
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FTP Site Use, Details and Agreements

• Hosted FTP folder rental
• RKtech offers hosted FTP folders for its clients who need to distribute files to others without sending them through e-mail. We configure for your company folders you request. You can then use the folder(s) to distribute files to others by providing the link to the site and the credentials we create for you. This is a simple. cost effective method for companies needing to distribute large files to others off their local network or outside their company.
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Computer network documentation

• Do you have a system someone else built? Do you admit to having no clue how your computer systems work together? Could you promptly respond to a software license audit? If the one person who DOES know how your systems work is unavailable how long would it take to compile the information you need to repair, report on or otherwise support the system on which you've grown dependent?
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File server design, implementation, configuration and maintenance

• RKtech can specify hardware and software to fit your needs and can provide pricing for all systems we specify.

E-mail service implementation and configuration

• To most small businesses today, e-mail is a mission critical communication application. RKtech has experience installing and supporting Microsoft Exchange Server in an on-premises environment or in a hosted environment. We also have vast experience connecting to many different e-mail servers using several different e-mail client applications like Microsoft Outlook. We can also support your staff by connecting their smartphone and other devices to the e-mail system.

Data backup recommendations and configuration

• What data you choose to backup, how long you choose to retain the backups, where you save your backup data and other decisions all play a role in your backup strategy. RKtech can consult to guide you through developing an appropriate backup strategy for your business.
• RKtech can implement your backup strategy by installing and configuring necessary software and backup hardware and by managing the files and medium created for your archives.

Safe, environmentally responsible recycling of old computer equipment

• RKtech can remove data from your systems, can destroy hard drives used by your company and can responsibly recycle your old computer and network equipment.

Computer and network equipment purchase recommendations

• Rather than trying to wade through the myriad of computer options for your company or surrendering the responsibility to a sales person whose interest is in the sale and not in your company choose to have RKtech specify the computer and network hardware for your company. We’ll work with you and your staff to determine the need and will then specify equipment to serve that need.

Cloud implementation

• Not sure how to get to the Cloud? RKtech can implement various cloud based and hybrid cloud solutions for your business to increase mobility for your company. Some options include Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive and hybrid solutions that sync data on your network with cloud storage resources. We can also provide clientless VPN access to files on your network through your VPN via web browsers on your tablets and smartphones.
• As a Microsoft Office 365 partner RKtech can provide your company with access to the range Office 365 products and can implement those products on your company computer. This work can include necessary internet DNS changes, server configuration changes, user configuration, software installations and data migration.
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Custom Microsoft Access database design and implementation

• RKtech can design and create custom Microsoft Access databases for your company including the data tables and the forms and reports you and your staff will use to interpret the data.

Infrastructure and network services

Network wiring

• RKtech has the experience and tools to design and install wiring your office needs for your computers, telephones or surveillance systems. We can handle the terminations from the building interface through to your endpoints.
• We support network wiring infrastructure and hardware like patch panels, network switches, network hubs, RJ 45 modular accessories, modems, routers and termination blocks.

Network design recommendations

• As a consulting service RKtech can (re)design your network infrastructure from cabling to wireless connectivity to internet connectivity to remote access control.

Network firewall recommendations, installation and configuration

• RKtech can help protect your computer and network resources with hardware and software firewall specifications, installation and configuration. We have experience with a variety of such security hardware products by Cisco, WatchGuard, Sonicwall, D-Link and Netgear and with software security products by Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, AVG, Microsoft and TrendMicro.

Mobile workforce connectivity recommendation, installation and configuration

• RKtech can keep your staff connected while out of the office with remote desktop solutions, remote network file access, VPN connectivity, clientless VPN file access and smartphone configuration.

Wireless network configuration

• RKtech can specify, install and configure the hardware needed to provide your office with wireless network connectivity for staff and guests.
• RKtech can specify wireless solutions to connect your office campus buildings to bridge their networks into a single local area network (LAN).

Remote access configuration

• RKtech can design install and configure remote access to provide as much or as little access as you want for your staff. Whether you want to provide access to e-mail, files or remote access to network computers we can design and implement the system you need.

Internet service provider recommendations

• RKtech partners with some internet providers and has worked collaboratively with many others to provide network internet access via wireless, cable or phone lines.

Surveillance system recommendation and installation

• RKtech can design, specify hardware, install and configure a video surveillance system for your office premises. We can provide you with cameras you can monitor from anywhere with an internet connection, systems that will record data locally or that will push images to a remote storage system.

Domain name acquisition service

• To present a professional image for your business you should be using domain name e-mail for your staff communication. RKtech can coordinate the acquisition of a domain name for you, the registration of your domain name and the configuration of the records needed to direct web traffic to your web page or to your e-mail system.

Local, network and cloud-based data storage recommendations and implementation

• Data storage needs have grown significantly in the past years for most companies as the availability and use of digital imagery has become widespread. As the need for additional file storage space has grown the cost of disk based storage has dropped and vast arrays of local file storage are not economically feasible. Concurrently cloud based data storage services by many providers are luring some companies to store their data “out there.” RKtech can work with your to determine the best data storage option for your company and to implement that decision. We have extensive experience with server based file storage, network attached storage devices, local connected storage devices and cloud based storage resources.

Hands-on / Onsite service for companies needing physical support for remote systems in the Chicago metropolitan area

• RKtech provides the onsite staffing some companies need to assist their out of state support to provide for their Chicago area users We can be the professionals at the office your remote staff uses to manage tasks end users shouldn’t be expected to handle.

End user support services

End user training

• RKtech can provide your staff the training to work more efficiently and safely in the software they use. To make your staff more valuable to your company have RKtech teach them how to use software they use every day. We can teach them to avoid dangerous browsing techniques. We can help you invest in your staff rather than putting money into supporting your hardware and software after they inadvertently damage the configurations or worse, bring internet threats onto your network.
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PC threat / virus removal

• RKtech has extensive experience in removing internet threats from PCs. We have the tools, software and experience to recover or rebuild your infected PC.

Scheduling Options

Routine maintenance
To provide customers the highest level of system uptime RKtech provides routine maintenance to fix small problems before they become expensive business interruptions. This type of scheduled maintenance keeps computer systems performing well and provides end users a regular opportunity to handle their support needs. This option makes budgeting for your IT services easier by minimizing costly on-demand repairs. It’s like having IT support on staff at a fraction of the cost. This does not eliminate the possibility of on-demand needs but it can spread the cost of those surprise expenses over your budget period.

On-demand Support
RKtech offers on-demand support typically either when requested or on the next day. Rather than have your staff tolerate problems have them call RKtech when problems arise. We’ll prove that “your call is very important to us.” We can often provide on-demand support immediately with phone or remote support. On-demand support is the best option for the immediate needs of internet threat infections or hardware failure events when staff has no option to use another system for a while. The benefit of providing your staff a name and number to call when problems arise means they won’t need to call you.

Automated Support
RKtech supports some client systems automatically. For instance, failed logons to a server can trigger an investigation and mitigation of the threat. A failing battery backup prompts the purchase and installation of a replacement. This may be the best option if you want to hand over the responsibilities of monitoring and supporting your computer systems.

Delivery Options

On-site / hands-on technical support
Most service provided by RKtech is on-site / hands-on technical support. Being there to experience the problem you’re having offers the best communication of the issue. This enables us to provide the most efficient solution. Being on-site, face-to-face also provides us the best opportunity to discuss how the problem occurred and how to avoid the problem. On-site support is also our preferred delivery method for providing end user training.

Remote or telephone technical support
RKtech provides remote or telephone technical support when it is the best delivery option for the need. After hours maintenance of your computers can often be handled remotely when your staff is gone and the doors are locked. Remote or telephone support is best when you need an immediate response, eliminating the time it would take a technician to reach you. It’s like having your own help desk. The ease and simplicity of calling on the expertise of RKtech is what you need handle your IT problems immediately and to keep your business up and running.

Automated services
Sometime RKtech can serve your IT needs best with automated services like backing up your data or monitoring your computer event logs. Automated services typically run in the background and are then monitored by our staff. This type of service is your best choice for some maintenance and most alerting needs.