Hosted Remote Backup Service

A backup has little value – the value is in the “restore.” Having disks and tapes that may or may not be full of data is of little value until or unless you can use that data to recover lost or damaged data. Many companies offer software and appliances to back up your data locally and to remote locations. RKtech stands out from those because we routinely, every month, test your backups to confirm they’re working.

RKtech manages your backups, testing them and ensuring that they work nightly. We start with a full onsite backup using our remote software which takes only as long as a typical backup takes. After that we continuously do incremental offsite backups. This protects you from even a full system failure. Individual file recovery can usually be handled in minutes. For the recovery of large amounts of data we will bring your backup drive to your network to hasten the process.

Points of distinction The other guys

Remote Backup Service

Backup data storage Pay as you go. You own the data storage drive(s)
Data retention Varies, may be as little at 3-months You decide, we manage
Restoration testing Up to you We perform monthly
Success/failure monitoring Up to you We perform daily

Hosted Remote Backup Details and Agreements

The items shown below list the responsibilities of the customer and of RKtech as related to performing offsite backups for the customer.
Customer will
• Provide storage media for storing backups.
• Decide on data retention policies.
• Provide internet connectivity for backup traffic.
• Provide remote administrative access to the covered server or PC.
• Provide prompt payment for backup services.
RKtech will
• Recommend data storage media requirements.
• Recommend backup scheduling.
• Recommend data retention policies.
• Provide and install backup client software on the covered server or PC.
• Capture a full backup of the covered server or PC locally.
• Capture incremental backups of new and changed data on the covered server or PC according to the agreed upon schedule to the customer’s offsite media.
• Monitor routine backups to affirm their success.
• Adjust backup routines as needed to assure backup success.
• Assist, as needed in restoring data.
• Provide monthly status reports on backup performance. NOTE: PC backups will be aggregated and sent to a single site administrator.
• Provide for secure, encrypted storage of customer data on customer owned media.
• Test backups monthly by renaming and then restoring a file or folder on the covered server or PC. NOTE: This service is not provided for workstation backups.
Customer may at any time request the return of the offsite storage media held by RKtech.
RKtech may at its discretion terminate backup processing if payment for services is not received.