Hosted FTP folder rental

RKtech offers hosted FTP folders for its clients who need to distribute files to others without sending them through e-mail. We configure for your company folders you request. You can then use the folder(s) to distribute files to others by providing the link to the site and the credentials we create for you. This is a simple. cost effective method for companies needing to distribute large files to others off their local network or outside their company.

Here’s how it works. 1 – You request a folder and provide a name. 2. We create the folder on our FTP server and we create two users IDs, one with read / write access to the folder, the other ID has read/only access. 3. You, using the read/write user credentials upload files to the new folder. 4. You provide a URL to the folder and the read/only credentials to those you want to share files with.

FTP folder rental features include:
• FTP folders are hosted on a monthly basis
• Dedicated folder storage and credentials per agreement
• User ID and password credentials per folder for read / write access
• User ID and password credentials per folder for read - only access
• Routine backup of all data files stored on the FTP site

FTP Site Use, Details and Agreement
• Users of this site and the services provided by RK Technical Support Services, LLC, (RKTSS) by their payment of a monthly agreement maintenance fee agree to the conditions listed below.
• No copyrighted materials will be posted on this site unless the site user provides written authorization by the copyright holder for distribution of the file in writing to RKTSS. Site users authorize RKTSS staff to remove copyrighted files unless written authorization for their distribution is on file with RKTSS.
• Site access is subject to prepayment of the monthly maintenance fee.
• Credentials will be provided by RKTSS.
• 1 FTP folder, 1 set of read/write credentials, 1 set of read-only credentials $20.00 per month, prepaid
• Additional folders and credentials -- $10.00 per month, prepaid.
• Folder and credentials setup and billing for the remainder of the month in which the folder was created -- $10.00.