End user training

• RKtech can provide your staff the training to work more efficiently and safely in the software they use. To make your staff more valuable to your company have RKtech teach them how to use software they use every day. We can teach them to avoid dangerous browsing techniques. We can help you invest in your staff rather than putting money into supporting your hardware and software after they inadvertently damage the configurations or worse, bring internet threats onto your network.

• Some of the applications RKtech offers end user training in include: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2003 - 2010, iTunes, basic PC maintenance, smart browsing techniques.

• RKtech has the experience to design and provide on-site delivery of customized end-user training for special topics or specific software applications like local network and PC security, network resource utilization, backup plans and procedures, internet threat avoidance, using remote connections and the use of office productivity software.