Computer network documentation services

Do you have a system someone else built? Do you admit to having no clue how your computer systems work together? Could you promptly respond to a software license audit? If the one person who DOES know how your systems work is unavailable how long would it take to compile the information you need to repair, report on or otherwise support the system on which you've grown dependent?

Good documentation of your computer and network systems including the hardware, software and connectivity infrastructure is invaluable if you need to remodel those systems in almost any way. RKtech can record for you the hardware configurations, software licensing and the network connectivity infrastructure as those discrete components work together as a single system.

Documentation you may need includes:
• backup / recovery procedures,
• system start-up / shut-down procedures,
• new user creation procedures,
• file and resource access permissions,
• computer use policies,
• software licensing,
• hardware configuration,
• hardware serial numbers,
• connectivity, infrastructure, Internet access configuration,
• vendor and tech support contacts,
• company hardware and software standards,
• remote connectivity configuration, ...

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