RK Technical Support Services began serving the Chicagoland area in 2002 as outsourced, professional, IT staffing for small businesses that do not have the means or desire to employ their own IT staff. We accept the responsibility of keeping the technologies behind your business processes running so company staff can do their job rather than ours. Grounded in the concepts of “service”, ”integrity” and “professionalism” RKtech works to be the team player you need to make the technologies you depend on operate smoothly.

From a base of operation in south suburban Chicago RKtech typically provides on-site technical support. However, in certain situations like the need for immediate assistance or to avoid interrupting staff productivity we provide remote support as well as phone support.

Understanding that it’s our privilege to be serving your company’s network we treat it like our own. This separates RKtech from many other IT providers. Each activity we perform on your network is fully documented for you to know exactly what goes on with your network. We work to solve your IT challenges within the constraints of your business – NOT within our customary practices.

At RKtech we don’t have a sales manager. “We don’t do sales.” We recommend technologies and system upgrades that fill a need of your business – not because it’s a cool technology or the latest buzz. It isn’t your job to know the technology or how it works, it’s ours. We understand that. It’s what we do for you.